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How It Works

Our pricing structure is determined through discussions and negotiations with the client. This rate encompasses the full scope of our services, including candidate sourcing, pre-screening, interviewing, employment relationship management, and ongoing support.


We offer flexibility in contractual agreements to cater to our clients' needs. Unlimited contracts can be canceled with a 2-month notice period, providing clients with the freedom to adjust their workforce requirements, as necessary.


Additionally, we can accommodate limited-term contractual agreements, which are unproblematic and enable clients to engage our services for specific durations without any complications. Our aim is to provide transparent pricing, flexible payment terms, and adaptable contractual agreements that align with our clients' needs. We prioritize building long-term partnerships based on trust, delivering value, and supporting our clients' business objectives.

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These prices are all-inclusive of our services, they cover:

• Consulting our clients on the job spec and the requirements for the role to fill

• The sourcing, screening and pre-interviewing of suitable candidates

• The hiring process

• Salary, and any non-wage labour costs

• Social Security Payments, like an unemployment insurance or medical aid coverage

• Wage administration and payroll

• Office Space, including a fast internet connection or other infrastructure

• Equipment, like laptops, screens, or what else is needed 

• Any potential labour disputes – in case we face them

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