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With a close-knit team of proactive professionals working towards a common ideology - we have been able to foster an equitable, fair and safe working environment that aims to uplift even more young, skilled South Africans.
We operate within a mostly flat team structure and strongly believe in our employees!

We conduct all our tasks in an accountable and transparent manner so that everyone participates and can use their individual skills for the advancement of a company they really believe in. 
It is very important to us that our team stand by our company's values, because here at ViVa teamwork really makes the dream work!
It has always been a primary focus of ViVa to maintain a corporate ethos of hiring skilled workers who may not, otherwise, have had access to global employment opportunities. 

By doing so, we are striving to play our part in closing the employment opportunity gap between South Africa and the developed world.

Who We Are

Our Mission

From the beginning, it has been our mission to provide our 
clients with the best possible services. 
At ViVa, we value our people above all else. We pride 
ourselves on creating jobs during a difficult time for both: 
Employers and job-seekers alike.
And with a focus on transparent communication and hiring 
people we trust - we believe our team can do anything!

Our Vision

We strive to be the first choice for our trusted partners 
looking to outsource a variety of comprehensive business 
services to South Africa.

How ViVa Helps You

Comprehensive outsourcing solutions

Cost-effective pricing

Customizable solutions tailored to your specific requirements

End-to-end services from recruitment to ongoing support

Streamlined processes for efficiency

Dedicated team committed to your success

Access to a global talent pool

Expertise in various industries and functions

Reliable and trusted partner for outsourcing needs

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